Eddie brewer & the manic episodes

Jazz has always been something I’ve felt drawn to.

My piano teacher, Oscar Ellis, has immensely helped me grow my jazz theory over the years. I've found it brings out a wide variety of emotions within me. Some of the great jazz songs I’ve studies use mathematical genius, but also poetry that can melt your mind and heart.    

Eddie Brewer & the Manic Episodes play a variety of jazz music, ranging from swing to bossa nova, and make it our own.

I think one of the coolest things about this group is that the members are all younger, and we are keeping the amazing genre alive.

I'm very lucky to have found Josh Coleman, who plays saxophone and clarinet. He is an amazing singer and musician.  Our drummer, Casey Frew, has a passion for jazz and an amazing voice, as well. Steve Wild also plays stand up bass in this group.

Piano & Vocals: Eddie Brewer
Saxophone & Vocals: Josh Coleman
Drums & Vocals: Casey Frew
Bass & Vocals: Steve Wild